Saskia de Wit Tuin en landschap    06 4128 8022    Meeuwenlaan 110-2    1021 JM Amsterdam

experimental design for a metropolitan garden

In 2018 the artist group Observatorium was asked to to reflect on a monument for the painter Henk Chabot, near the location of his studio on the dyke along the river Rotte. Here, a relic of farmland still exists, as a reservation for the tunnel entrance for the new A16 motorway. The Observatorium proposed to leave the land as it is, and to punctuate it by a series of acupunctural earthworks, sculptures, and a pavilion. These marks transform the undefined space into a garden, they expose the land as a valuable landscape, and bring infrastructure, city and landscape together in one perceptual unity. Although unexecuted, the design can be an instrument to change the view of the urban planners and to negotiate between a functional layout and landscape of imagination and memory.

in Spool. Journal of architecture and the built environment No.1 vol.7 2020. pp. 95-112. In collaboration with Andre Dekker.