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Saskia de Wit, place in the metropolitan landscape,

SPOOL is an Open Access journal initiative in the field of ‘architecture and the built environment’ with a focus on the Science of Architecture, Climate Proof Cities, Energy Innovation, and Urban Europe. 


capturing particularities in the metropolitan landscape

Since its first issue, SPOOL has used the term ‘landscape metropolis’ to address urban formations beyond the traditional city that – despite their increasing ubiquity - still lack in-depth attention from the perspective of aesthetic appreciation, designerly concepts of development, guidelines for planning and governance, and design theoretical apprehension. The prefix ‘landscape’ is used to describe attention to these topics through the lens of landscape architecture, and offers, we feel, some novel potentials: in considering the metropolis as a cultural phenomenon that is constructed mentally as well as physically and socially; which relies on human as well as on natural driving forces; and which contains, somewhere in the cracks of the mosaic, in the ‘in-between’, places with distinguishable qualities – particular places.

Read the editorial, written in collaboration with co-editor Lisa Diedrich. 

In SPOOL. V3/1 and 2 2016. pp. 3-4. DOI http// In collaboration with Lisa Diedrich.