Saskia de Wit Tuin en landschap    06 4128 8022    Meeuwenlaan 108a2    1021 JM Amsterdam

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Saskia de Wit tuin en landschap designs gardens, advises on adaptations to existing gardens, and provides expert guidance on garden construction. With the right balance between context, design and details. And with respect for history, nature and culture. Each project is tailor-made, geared to the specific location and the client or user.


Saskia de Wit tuin en landschap provides design and advice for collective and public spaces: meaningful places where people can feel at ease, as a reflection of the present (urban) landscape.

I work for individual clients, architects, governments and project developers.


Saskia de Wit tuin en landschap conducts independent research on gardens, parks and landscapes. Landscape is a comprehensive notion that includes natural, cultural and urban landscapes. And all hybrid forms of these. The research focuses on the interaction between design and landscape, through all scales. I also give lectures on these topics.