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landscape - great idea

In 2009 the Institute of Landscape Architecture (ILA) at BOKU Vienna organised a conference on the topic of scale in landscape architecture, the close connection between smaller scale projects and their wide surroundings. In the conference proceedings all contributions are represented. 


hidden landscapes

In the diffuse and fragmented metropolitan landscape, where the spatial, visual, geographic and programmatic differentiation is ever more disappearing, small scale, concrete interventions, open spaces on strategic locations in the urban tissue -  urban acupuncture - can respond to the crisis of space, the loss of horizon. The smallest landscape architectural space, the Enclosed Garden, is researched on its possible potential to provide design means and strategies for the creation of urban spaces as a means to connect the generic network of the metropolis to the genius loci: Hidden Landscapes. Paley Park serves as an example of one of the possible types of Hidden Landscape, the Interstitial garden that operates in the cracks of the urban fabric.

in Landscape - Great Idea conference proceedings Vienna 2009. pp. 140-143.