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Saskia de Wit, a dutch perception, De gelaagdheid van het landschap De gelaagdheid van het landschap
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The Centre of Garden Art and Landscape Architecture (CGL) at Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover is a leading research center in Europe in the field of garden and landscape culture. On the occasion of the 60th birthday of Prof. Norbert Rob Schittek, a multi-talent who crossed the boundaries between landscape, architecture, art and design, this Festschrift was published, a compilation of contributions from friends and colleagues all over Europe that speak of these four notions. Centre of garden art and landscape architecture. 


a dutch perception

The landscape speaks many different languages and we all hear a different one. To communicate our different perceptions and interpretations of the landscape it is necessary to translate those different languages into one of our own. That language could be an artistic language, a historical one or a formal one. At the Faculty of Architecture in Delft, at the Chair of Architecture and Landscape, we have developed a method to understand the formal language of the landscape. The systematic unravelling of the formal characteristics results in a design toolbox. This toolbox enables us to address present problems of urbanisation, de-urbanisation, restructuring of agriculture, water management, etc. 

In E Eckerle & J Wolscheke-Bulmahn red Landschaft - Architektur - Kunst - DesignCGI-Studies 4 Munchen Martin Medenbauer verlag 2006 pp. 31-44. In samenwerking met Inge Bobbink.