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Saskia de Wit, Layered Lowlands,

Layered Lowlands

The Dutch lowlands incontestably have their own formal system which can only be defined by unravelling it into layers. Its physical-spatial development, rather than following an unbroken course, crystallizes in stages, making the layeredness that characterizes every landscape clearly visible. The natural landscape, cultural landscape, urban landscape and architectural landscape (whether latent or present) each has an organization and form of its own. The implicit formal moments of these different landscape layers, are made explicit in the Dutch villa landscape, both at the scale of the villas (buitenplaatsen) themselves as in the aggregate they form together. This might help to understand and guide current landscape transformations. 

In Deborah Hauptmann Henco Bekkering red. The Architecture Annual 2003-2004 Rotterdam Uitgeverij 010 2005.