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Saskia de Wit, let's walk urban landscapes,
Review of Conference at Herrenhausen Palace Hanover

The Journal of Landscape Architecture publishes international research into landscape architecture theory and practice including design, visual and artistic practices. 


let's walk urban landscapes

This review of the international conference that took place at the Herrenhausen Palace in Hanover in September 2015, revisits the conference's main question: How can we transform urban landscapes through innovative approaches in design research? 

Walking should be given serious thought in the discourse of landscape architecture, not only informing its intentions, but also - as the conference postulates - the processes of design and design research. If walking serves as a way to experience landscapes, then landscape architects could and should use it to get to know and understand the subject they are working on: the (urban) landscape, its users, its issues, its components. Walking is a tool that can be used in all stages of the design process.

in JoLA 1-2016.