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Narrating places beyond the subjective

This paper discusses work from several students at TU Delft who used narrative methods for the analysis and design of places. The students used these methods from different perspectives and for different goals, some focusing on the experience of place, others used narratives as a social tool, others again as a tool to structure the imagination. We aim to show how these methods have allowed the students to focus on specific aspects of place-making, taking their subjective experience as point of departure, while exploring the potential of narrative methods to move beyond the subjective. The use of narrative tools helped to structure and in a way objectify experiential aspects, explore perspectives of other possible users, inhabitants or passers-by, and to base fictional projections on in-depth readings of the existing physical reality of the site.


in OASE-narrating urban landscapes 98. 2017. In samenwerking met Klaske Havik.