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Saskia de Wit, gardens for care,

Jaar: 19 april 2012
In opdracht van: Rietveldacademie

lezing voor Rietveldacademie

lecture for design studio 'Wiesje' - designing for dementia. 

‘Healing gardens’ are gardens that attribute to healing or alleviate consequences of disease or handicap, diminish stress and give a general feeling of well-being. Regardless the target group (e.g. blind, old, psychiatric), different accents or types can be distinguished, related to different theories (cognitive school, healing garden, horticultural therapy). There are three ways of being in the garden: acting, meeting, perceiving. Based on this, I differentiate five types of gardens, or even better, five components that can interact in healing gardens: functional garden, horticultural therapy garden, social garden, narrative garden, and the experiential garden.