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vrt in prispodoba

in November 2019 Dušan Ogrin, The Emeritus professor, the founder of the study of landscape architecture at the University of Ljubljana and the initiator of ECLAS, European Conference of Landscape Architectural Schools, turned 90 years old. As a sign of appreciation for Dušan Ogrin a collection of short essays was created entitled with a question 'Can today a garden still be a metaphor?' 

Renowned landscape architects, architects, philosophers, art historians, artist and sociologists from all over the world described in short essays from their professional point of view, whether in contemporary times the garden could still have a meaning, what a garden stands for today, and what are the possible forms of its materialisation. In the publication a variety of professionals proposed meaningful and concise answers about the core of the garden nowadays, that is the answer to the question: What is a garden today and what  does it stand for as a metaphor? 

An English edition has been published in 2023. 


vrt kod izraz nadnarave

In my contribution 'the garden as an expression of supernature' I describe how the garden has always been a reflection of the relationship of man and nature, a relationship that is changing over time, and is as much a reflection of its time, and thus a cultural expression. In the perception of the relationship between humans and nature we can see a shift to the realm of human perception, and toward an understanding of humans as inextricably connected to, and part of, nature. Without the distinction between what is natural and what is manmade, the contemporary garden can expose wilderness not in opposition of, but as an integral part of the metropolitan realm and our daily environment, evoking an immersive encounter with nature as an embodied experience. 

In Ana Kucan and Mateja Kurt eds. Vrt in prispodoba Narodna in univerzitetna knjiznica Ljubljana 2021. pp. 80-85.